Feedback is always appreciated (really).

Please drop me a few lines with your impressions if you try out gprss. I'll be glad to know if you find it useful (or not). Messages in spanish are also accepted

You can reach me (Carlos Galisteo) at (Remove 'NOSPAM' before sending)


Bug reporting

Free Software makes no differences between developers and users, all of us are important for quality improvement.
So you, my fellow user, have the moral obligation of reporting any bug you find :-)

For doing that, please have a look at the Sourceforge tracker. If your bug is still not reported, please do it by doing click on "Submit New".

I can't assure that bugs reported directly to my personal mail will be fixed.

Report feature requests or suggestions as a minimal priority bug.



If you have a patch, modification or whatever, I'll be glad to try it out and (maybe) to include it in the next release.

Fill a low-priority bug to the Sourceforge tracker or email me directly, attaching the patch.